At Casa Hogar Santa Julia, love grows miracles.

Casa Hogar Santa Julia, founded in 2005, provides housing, education, and support to girls in need. Surrounded by the competent, caring devotion of their beloved Madres, the girls of Santa Julia are transformed into confident, educated young women.

The needs of these girls stem from the precarious circumstances of their homes of origin; but at Santa Julia, these girls are being equipped to flourish in all parts of their lives—from faith to friendships, preparing for college, and personal discipline.


Santa Julia girls will grow into educated women who break the cycle of ignorance, poverty, and abuse from which they came in order to become happy, healthy, and productive citizens of the world.


To ensure that the Madres have the sustaining support necessary to provide for the health, education, and welfare of the girls in their charge.


Love and the pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.



" To say I was very impressed with the girls and their Madres would be a gross understatement. I immediately sensed the loving energy and caring atmosphere at the home. I particularly enjoyed interaction between the girls.
The bracelet is the most meaningful for me. You adult woman each showed and counted the number of bracelets you were wearing. In a kidding way I showed my bare wrist. The smallest girl then took a rubber band off her wrist and gave it to me. I greatly appreciated the gift and realized she gets it (The sharing). Powerful stuff.
I would like to go out again next week. 
Keep up the great work and see you soon"

Gracias, G.R., Photographer

Melanie Dulce Rios Fernanda